Memorex 16x DVD+R (CMCMAGM01) on sale at Office Depot (U.S.)

50-disc spindles of Memorex-branded DVD+R are $19.99 in Office Depot stores beginning Sunday, April 24, through Saturday, April 30. You may see 8x and 16x spindles mixed, so be careful. 90+% of +R spindles I saw in my local store were 16x.

CMCMAGM01 is very decent media. Here’s how they burn in LG GSA-4163B.

wow, good deal for 16X, and thanks for the quality posting, I find that helpful

Anybody have any info on the cmc 16x media? I must say, I almost love cmcmage01… I have a small amount of various older cmc stuff, and thier old reputation of being shit is well deserved and well earned… As I understand it, cmcmage01 and it’s - counterpart uses a philips dye (not sure if philips had anything to do with quality control). I’ll give thier 8x media my vote because it standed the test of time. It burns good on many drives. They even make verbatium(mcc) maybe they learned something???
I have to be cautious because I have been burned by cmc too many times. I’m willing to give the benifit of the doubt because, my second most used media is cmc.
So does anybody know anything about this media? did cmc develope the dye or are they in partnership again?
agent009, I’m sorry that I havent searched the forums but you really think this is good media for all (or you have had limited burns that were good). I don’t mean that as a chalange at all to your stated opinion, but more just requesting an elaboration on it. Waht are your honest feeling on the quality and compatibility of this media?

Well, I’ve had nothing but good and excellent results with Philips-, TDK- and Teon-branded CMC media, R01, F01, E01, AE1 and now Memorex-branded M01. Frankly, I have no idea where any of these would’ve got their supposedly mediocre reputation, but then I haven’t used CMC DVD media prior to early summer of 2004.

According to my PNG scan collection, I’ve burned 182 CMC DVDs so far (59 AE1s, 15 E01s, 28 F01s, 4 M01s, 76 R01s), on BenQ and LG drives. I tend to trust CMC media because they’ve always had low to very low (and occasionally, unfreakingbelievably low) error rates and the ones I’ve taken apart to gauge their strength were pretty well constructed… well glued together and requiring some effort to pull the layers apart. Additionally, old Philips-branded R01s burned in 2004 still scan as well as they did a year ago, while Philips-branded RICOHJPNR00s have grown dark spots in the dye and had to be re-recorded.

While I am sure there have been some duds released upon the world by the CMC factory, I haven’t encountered any pathological cases, yet.

Now, some more scans to illustrate my points:
AE1, LG GSA-4163B at 8x Z-CLV (a wonder-burn with total PIF=4),
E01, BenQ DW1620 at 8x P-CAV,
F01, BenQ DW1620 at 8x P-CAV (patched firmware, using E01 strategy),
M01, LG GSA-4163b at 16x P-CAV,
R01, BenQ DW1620 at 8x P-CAV (patched firmware, using F01 strategy, WOPC disabled).

i’ve had good success with my TDK 8X DVD+R CMC MAG E01s…

PX-708UF @ 8X:

i’ve had better since then…i.e. PIE>20 through the end.

Thanks agent009 for the additional information. The cmc mag disks that I question the quality of are 4x or slower media (like cmcmagaf1 or cmcmag (yea their is cmc media with a media code that is just cmcmag, and I think I might actuall have a few still)). Like I said, starting with thier 8x media which used philips dye, I think thier quality really improved substantially. I have used hundreds of cmcmage01 (under phillips and tdk brands), and generally consider it quality media. I am not farmiliar with all the media codes that you stated and I was just more interested in whether you thought that the 16x stuff continues with thier showing of beter media like the 8x stuff has. I very much gather that it does so I look foward to trying some of the 16x cmc media. So are we taking a gamble with what you get or are all the memorex 16x cmc? Memorex might be growing up too. They have been known to use such shit as princo as well as counterfiet ty and what ever crap they can get cheap, but also have use real ty, ricoh and other good medias. Are they growing up and using the good meida cmc media codes? they seem to be using more MB media which is cheap but seems to be pretty good. Maybe I’ll have to try a pack…

im with you ripit and willing to give Memorex another shot…time to pricematch this stuff at Best Buy :wink:

yea, they looked good at first. However after a few weeks they seem to deteriorate a little bit, in the color of the dye, error and failures. :iagree:

I havent had the slightest probloem with deterioration with cmcmage01. I cannot say the same for the old af1 though. I have some disks that still play well after a couple of years but not all of it faired that well.

This is a great deal for 16x media. I believe cmc mag to be excellent quality and have never had a problem with them myself. I have also been using them sice mid last year 8x only thoufh. I never tried there 4x.

I don’t see these listed for sale on the website is this in store only?

Yeah, looks that way. You probably don’t want to buy online anyway, because then you have no control over what you are getting, 8x and 16x.

8x and 16x spindles have different barcodes but the same Office Depot SKU number and, as you can see at, product photo has the speed number erased; that is done to remind buyers that they are only guaranteed a 50-pack of some Memorex discs. The photo in the weekly ad shows the old 4x packaging, by the way.

Do they have -R’s in 16X or just +R’s 16X?

I saw only 8x -Rs in my nearest store. 16x -R prodiction seems to be a little behind +R.

I haven’t heard of any CMCMAGAM3 sightings yet. That would be nice to try.

Of course, with Memorex, you never know what media code you are going to get :slight_smile:

Guess i’ll be out in a bit to go see here at my local OD to see what they have. Thanks for the post :slight_smile:

Yes you never know what you get and i wanted some M01’s but here’s what i got. OD only had 1 left and Staples and BB didn’t have any to price match. Here’s a scan in BenQ forum with WOPC disabled >

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD+R:PRODISC-R04-004]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD+R] - [DVD+R]
Manufacturer Name : [Prodisc Technology Inc.]
Manufacturer ID : [PRODISC]
Media Type ID : [R04]
Product Revision : [004]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,295,104 Sectors = 4,482.6MB = 4.38GB (4.70GB)]
Recording Speeds : [1x , 2.4x , 4x , 6x-8x , 6x-16x]

[ DVD Identifier - ]

They didn’t have any at my local office depot. Maybe I’ll try calling around to other stores in the area.

They had about 20 where I went, only had enought $$ to get 3 :frowning:

I picked up a pack of 50 tonight from Office Depot in my area and I ended up with Prodisc R04 media.

08 02 00 00 01 0F 02 00 00 03 00 00 00 1E 97 7F …
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 50 52 4F 44 49 53 43 00 52 …PRODISC.R
30 34 04 38 23 54 37 0F 02 54 6B 02 94 63 15 15 04.8#T7…Tk…c…
0B 0A 08 08 01 1C 1E 0B 0C 12 12 01 00 00 00 00 …

I ended up burning two of the same movie at 12X so far in my Benq 1620 with B7V9 firmware and have attached those scans. They are not nearly as good as the 16X Verbatim DVD+R (MCC 04) scans that I get, but I guess they are acceptable. Even my Fuji 8X +R @ 12X don’t usually get PIE quite that high unless I burn past 4.30 GB as the end of those discs usually suck. The price was good enough for testing though.

As rolling56 said you never know what your going to get with Memorex check out the media code I got!

                        Media Information                            

Region information N/A not a DVD-VIDEO
Media code/Manufacturer ID MCC 004

I had bought 5 total tubs but am selling the other 4, a friend of mine found 1 at a different store that I got mine at so I will see what he got.