Memorex 16x burner

Product Information:
Product Category: Drives
Product Family: DVD Double-Layer Recorder
Product Name: DVD Double-Layer Recorder - 16x16 Dual Format Internal
Processor Type: Other Operating System: Windows XP Pro

OK, well i’m getting a problem from my burner. It can’t read
maxell dvd-r which i burned before and worked also! Now it also won’t
burn on them either because i tryed to burn 2 dvd and try to see if
they worked on my brothers computer but it still didnt work! i burned like other types of disc like memorex and hp and they worked fine!!! and were able to be read!!! now i just got a new burner which is a nec 3550a and i started burning disc which it read after the disc was burned but when i inserted it into the memorex drive it couldnt read it at all!!! i tryed placing some old data dvd disc that i burned with the memorex and the nec read it just fine but the memorex wouldnt read it. even tho i got a new burner i still want this one for a dvd reader. please help? :bow: :bow: