Memorex 16x Burner: Lite-On or NEC?

What Is This?

looks like a liteon to me :slight_smile:

I had a few that were LiteOn 1633 and 1653.

Pardon my asking, but why would you care? Much better deals are available.

Maybe he’s hoping for a 6 series drive for scanning.

Exactly. $20 for a classic Lite-On is a decent deal.

Okay, what did I miss? The link in the first post points to a page on Amazon that has a price of $46.41. Where are you seeing $20?

You missed the one-day sale. It was $19.99 for Friday only. I was merely inquiring because most Memorex drives have been NECs, but I wanted to know whether this particular model could be a Lite-On.

On to the next deal.

My two 1633>1653 crossed flashed with CK patches were the only drives that were able to complete a rip with the master errors on ZZony’s dvds solely using lightings ripper. The four that I had were three sheep capable. I gave two to my brother in law which he killed both by inserting the ide connection upside down using and external firewire to ATA/IDE bridge adapter. Some sites at one time were asking a premium for these. For $20.00 I would of gambled. CK also released a special patch, his last for this model long after being discontinued, that made it a very capable performer.

Disclaimer: It has been reported that earlier production units of the 1653 were 3 sheep burners, not the later. Since the situation with Rip_it_four_me, many of the threads “related” to it are no longer present. It would of been easier to just point to the link about what has been reported about these drives models.