Memorex 16X at OfficeMax, anyone know the media ID?

Anyone have any ideas what media ID these might be or how to differentiate?


The only person I know of that might be able to tell you is Zevia, although that still might be a stretch. I remember because he posted some photos of the number of spacers and kinds of top (hope I’m not confusing him with someone else) the Memorex used and what it would likely be, whether something like CMC-MAG-M01 or something else… Of course, you’ll know if they’re CMC by the top and rectangle above the triangle, Chas, but that would mean having to personally look at them. Even my old Imation CD-R media are CMC and have the same top and rectangle above the triangle.

I thought for sure Zevia had some links in his sig about testing the Memorex 16x, b/c I remember these were test results with that media for the Plextor 716a.

Thanks much for the feedback. I am getting old waiting for Office Max to drop the Verbatims to $13. I really should resist and wait for a sure thing.

Memorex packages their media in their own style cakeboxes so none of the “visual tricks” apply to thier packaging. I have here many identical packages of Memorex media that contain at least four if not more different MIDs. I’m sure zevia recieved piles of this same media as well and can’t tell the difference between them with out reading the MID in a drive…but I could be wrong…

Thanks guys. I’ll just wait for the Verbatim. Stupid Office Max. :a

The 25 packs use the manufacturers cake boxes, but they are mostly covered by a plastic memorex branded wrap. So its difficult to tell what they are.

The memorex at the OfficeDepot that i got to pricematch OfficeMax were RICOHJPN R03

dont know if that help

RICOHJPN R03 can be anything from average to decent. Maybe not a top performer for all drives, but at least not crappy.

I think the +R is either CMC Mag. M01, or Ricohjpn R03 (in my experience). I also have 16x -R that is CMC Mag. AM3 and have heard reports of Memorex Ritek F1 media.

The ricoh discs were fine enough. The M01 discs were horrendous.

If they were CMC MAG M01 for +R and CMC MAG AM3 for -R, then either of those at best will give ‘below average’ results, as they are not the better CMC mids. Ritek F1 would be worse b/c of it being Ritek. Ricohjpn R03 could be good, but I know while some Ricohjpn have low Focus Error values, their tracking error (the ability of the laser to follow the spiral grooves in the media) value are sometimes suspect. If anyone gets Ricohjpn mids, I would strongly suggest they run a FE/TE test on a blank at their desired burn speed to see if the test passes it, as I’ve seen users not run the test, then have awful results on Ricohjpn on the last 2/3 or 3/4 of the burn. (This applies to Ricohjpn mids I’ve seen that were not the 4x-rated media)

The +R’s i bought were the Ricoh R03