Memorex 16x-24x cd-rw compatible?

I read most of the reviews and the only Memorex 16x-24x cd-rw compatible recorder I could find was the Hammer Storage MATSHITA DVD-RAM SW-9585 DVD Burner. Most of the reviews didn’t include a test with these cd-rw’s and I wonder why… :wink:
This recorder is not easily available and I’m sure there are other Memorex ultra speed compatible recorders out there, because the Memorex ultra speeds cd-rw’s are still being sold.
I still have a lot of these crappy cd-rw’s laying around, because somehow I still have some hope for these cd-rw’s. Does anyone out there know any other recorder which can write data on a Memorex 16x-24x cd-rw without c2 errors? :slight_smile:

Crappy CD-RWs, you said it. They are just crappy…

I would have thought that any modern burner would burn these but if you’re planning on using these for any form of secure backup then replacing them with the Verbatim equivalent would be the only sensible option.

Anything branded Memorex these days is best avoided, which is a great shame as in the old days it was a very reputable brand name.

I can scan without c2 errors but only if I burn at 16x and read at 8x.

This is the sixth burn of the disc, and the sixth time my Litey has seen these things.

Ya I would stay away from that brand -memorex, maxell, immation, they are terrible quality, go with verbatim, sony, tdk and other top cd manufactuers, you get what you pay for, and I have used those aforementioned brands and gave me nothing but trouble…:slight_smile:

By the way the Lite-on is a good recorder, lots of nice features at good prices, never had a problem when I owned one…

@steve b
Your scan looks excellent! I’m quite surprised, because reading through the reviews I didn’t find any Lite-On recorder with very good - excellent scans with Memorex / Infinion ultraspeed cd-rw’s. On my Lite-on 24-16-40 recorder, as with my Toshiba sd-r2512 and NEC ND6650, I cannot read ± 700MB data back through explorer. Do you have any trouble with reading data through explorer?

I do agree with all of you guys that Verbatim is the brand to go with Ultraspeed cd-rw’s, but I have a theory that the recorders capable of making a great burn on a Memorex 16x-24x cd-rw must be the best of the bunch for cd-rw’s. And 1 of those recorders I would like to have for my cd-rw recordings. :slight_smile:

More bad news. I can’t scan that disc today without getting huge errors. The disc apparently deteriorated over night. Maybe it needed to be warm from the burn to scan good.

Based on my experience yesterday it might scan good if I reburn it and then quickly scan it. I’ve proven once again what many have known. This stuff is the worst discs ever made. I thought it strange yesterday that the only way I could get no c2 errors was by scanning at 8x. Now I can’t get a good scan at any speed.

Take a look. This is the same disc I posted yesterday.

Reading through the articles about Memorex cd-rw’s I read someone commenting about the printing on top on the cd-rw’s being put on the discs with too much force, thus damaging the toplayer. Then I took a closer look at my 2 year old Memorex UltraSpeed cd-rw’s. To my disgrace I found miniscule holes near the edge of the discs! Most of them in the outer edge. To my opinion this must be a result of oxidation due to poor fabrication of the discs. You can find the holes by holding the discs against the (sun)light. Take a look at the attached picture:

Half of the cd-rw’s have these visible holes. I’m sure the other half is damaged also, because I cannot succesfully write and read ± 700 MB data on them. Also, the holes near the edges explain why most of us have c2 errors in the end or beginning.
If anyone wants to sue Memorex for selling defective discs, contact me. I have the proof. :cop:

Anyway. Thank you all for your replies and thank you for the great reviews and info about cd /dvd recorders and media. I will end my search for a Memorex ultraspeed cd-rw compatible recorder and just search for a great cd-rw/dvd-rw recorder. :slight_smile: Probably a Plextor for it’s great / reliable scanning features. Any advise for me?

Benq 1650, Pioneer 111D or any new Liteon. The Pio is obviously not a good scanner but very good burner.

Don’t think Plextors are quite what they used to be.