Memorex 16 speed quality?

I have bought, but not opened some Memorex DVD +R. I see no mention of memorex in posts. Anyone have experience? Does it still just come down to biting the bullet, buying media until you find something that works? I read people having bad experience even with the brands that used to be described as top quality. So buying, and paying more for verbatim or T-Y is no longer an assurance of getting quality media?
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I’m not sure what you’ve read. But TY and Verbatim can be had for the same prices as Memorex. TY is and always has been the best stuff available.

Memorex doesn’t make media, they sell media made by a variety of makers. None of which are too good, relatively speaking. But given a good burner and appropriate burn speeds, it’ll be fine for every-day use.

Search for Media ID CMC MAG M01. It’s the MID for the 16X Memorex that I currently have. CMC Magnetics makes the discs in Taiwan for Memorex. CMCs are ok quality, not top quality like TYs or Verb MCCs. There are many variables in judging quality - DVD player compatibility, quality burns, longevity, etc. TYs and Verb have proven to be top quality for many because they are consistent from batch to batch. Discs manufactured by CMC tend to have a lot of variability. It’s ironic that CMC actually makes some of of the Verb MCCs, but they use Verb approved materials with close supervision from Verb people. Go figure. Some of the burn issues with TY and Verb discs maybe just firmware or bad drives.

Memorex uses 5 different manufacturers for their 16x media, including Prodisc, Philips, CMC, MCC, and Ricoh. Which one you get is really a crapshoot. I wouldn’t recommend even taking the chance of getting something decent like Ricoh.

Thanks for the responses. I can find some verbatim locally, but no Taiyo Yuden at all. I see some on-line stores offering very good pricing on T-Y. Anyone have recommedations for an on-line seller? I’ll also look through some other posts.
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Might help if you specified which country you live in. I concur though that if you live in the US, that is an excellent place to get TY.