Memorex 10x rw media / compusa media



I’m having a strange problem with RW media on my Liteon 32123s (overclocked to 40x) 10x memorex rw media will only burn at 4x. (The only options are 1x 2x 4x in nero) so I tried Cd-Record and the same thing happened. I also have some cheap compusa rw media that will only burn at 2x but works at 4x in my old philips 4x4x24 drive. I know the compusa media is made by CMC magnetics and I haven’t had a chance to test the memorex media but I will as soon as the burn is completed.

Trying to get info from within Nero says that the disc has no mrw.

Normal CD-R media works fine at full speed.

XP sp1, latest nero 5.5 series, drive is connected to a Promise Ultra100 controller. P3-1Ghz


Here’s the Memorex 10x media info:

Drive Type = CD-RW
Disc Type = NORMAL CD-RW
Lead In = 97:25:30
Lead Out = 79:59:74
Nominal = 702.83MB (79m 59s 74f/LBA:359849)
Manufacturer = Infodisc Technology Co., Ltd.
Cur. Speed = Wrt(4X),Rd(40X)

That can’t be right about the 4x part… The packages say 10x and the logo says Compact Disc ReWritable High Speed.


For a reason or another it seems like you have got some 4X media labeled as 4-10X media.

So I think it’s the media and not the writer that is the problem.

btw infodisc CD-RW discs sucks :Z

There is very few makers of really high quality CD-RW discs and Verbatim is one of them… So go for verbatim next time when shopping CD-RW discs. :wink:


Well I just e-mailed Memorex’s support saying how disappointed I am in their media, maybe they’ll give me something in replacement. Also the CompUSA RW media says it is made by Princo. I guess they are junk too. But 10$ for a 50 spindle 2 years ago was too good to pass up. The CMC Magnetics media was the CDR bulk (shiny, no label) media I bought from Fry’s for very cheap at least a year ago or more and it continues to burn perfect discs at all speeds (even at speeds which did not exist when I bought them!).

I looked up the part number and UPC from the memorex 10x box on the internet
Part Number : 3202 3415
UPC: 0 34707 03415 0

And sometimes it shows as 12x media with the same part no. , so maybe they improved it. We’ll se what happens and I’ll post if they are helpful. I’ll specifically buy Verbatim next time I go shopping.


Check out the RW media test thread


I got the following e-mail today from Memorex:

Media Replacement New

Please click the following link to replace your media. Be sure to
fill out the form completely and press submit. Once submitted you can print
the form for your records.


[Name Removed]
Technical Support
Memorex Products, Inc
United States