Memorex 10x CD-RWs



I bought a 5-pack of the Memorex 10x "high speed" cd-rws at best buy and have tried repeatedly to burn data, audio, cue sheets, lots of stuff to the freakin things. Burning usually completes, but if I run the disc through a quality test or scandisk I get damaged sectors all over the last third of the disc. Doesn't matter if I use 4x, 8x, or 10x. The package says "for use in rewritable drives bearing the high speed logo." I see no logo like that anywhere, but I figured my LTR-24102B would be able to handle them. The discs are made by InfoDisc Technology.
Has anyone else had experience like this or did I screw up and buy media that wasn't designed for my drive?


The fact is that many CD-RW discs is of very low quality.

I’ve good experience with Verbatim(Mitsubishi chemicals) CD-RW discs.


Yeah, from what everyone’s been saying, it sounds like InfoDisc is making a lot of money by shipping out absolute crap. :mad: I guess we’ve learned never to trust Memorex CD-RWs.