Memorex 100 pack 16X +R

Went in OD today looking to see what they had and found about 20 100 pack spindles of 16X memorex clearenced for 19.99.

Buy a few, open and check for MCC004, if there’s no MCC004’s then ebay them :slight_smile:

Do you know of any tricks to see if these spindles are MCC004?

For Memorex I don’t think so because they have that cover on top so you
can’t see the actual DVD disk to check for serial numbers.

I believe that you dont have to do that because they also clearance out verbatim 16X for $20. The OD near my house are sold out on Verbatim so I cannot confirm that. But found in some other forums that they are clearing out the Verbatim media. I found Verbatim Media inkjet printable are on clearance.

There are no Verbatim whatsoever here. I went in to check out the DL disc’s this morning when I found the Memorex’s. Here it’s beside K-Mart so I’m gonna hit it again tomorrow and will get a few and check them out as well as the Sony sale at KMart.

The 16X Memorex is RICOHJPN R03 (004).

Went through about 40 spindles of Sony’s at KMart and found 1 MIJ. They had umpteen 50 packs and all were MIJ’s.

Even retailers brand name DVD disc are better than Memorex.

I bought the 1 pack to just see. Burned 6 dvd’s with 95ish quality scores on them with my 1655. 1640 gave a 92 on the 1 I tried on it. Lite on 1653S bombed out with it.