Memorex 100-Pack 16X 4.7GB DVD+R Spindle @ Futureshop : 29.99$ (Canada Only)

Sale Ends: 1/12/2006

are they ritek or tayo yuden ?

i don’t think i’ve ever seen TY memorex discs.

there’s no way of telling with memorex because they outsource to everyone and their brother and are ridiculously unreliable, unpredictable, and impossible to guess what’s inside.

if you spend a few minutes reading posts on here, probably about 80% of burning problems are solved by switching from memorex to quality media.

I wouldn’t touch memorex even at half that price.

if you want to take a crapshoot that you might not get something terrible, check and see what your chances are

you’ve got a 20% chance of getting something decent (MCC) and an 80% chance of getting junk…and this is all assuming that the amounts of each in every store are equal.

I don’t like those odds especially when you can buy verbs that are DEFINITELY MCC for the same price when they’r on sale.

where can i buy these verms ? :slight_smile:

probably at the same place. Verbatim DVDs are good stuff (for MOST people…YMMV). I’m not from canada, but I’d imagine futureshop would carry them. best buy definitely does, or you can check the online deals. I think there’s a thread in this forum about verbatim discs currently on sale from an online retailer.