Memoirs of a Geisha will not copy

I was only able to copy the first few minutes using the newest release of fab or express in main movie mode and when played back got a black screen. I have sent Fentango the IFO files however the say the files are already supported. If anyone else is having a similar problem with this title please let them know.Thanks


Please try following steps to see the result:

  1. Rip the DVD to hard disk with DVDFab Decrypter at
  2. Open DVD from hard disk with DVDFab Express, and compress to see the result.

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and don’t use another rip software in background!

SmallLittle is correct. DVD43 version 3.x is known to have problems with new ARccOS protected DVDs, and you must uninstall it to make DVDFab works correctly.

Thank You Fentango I followed your instructions and was able to copy and burn with success

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people talk lots about this movie. Is this one I should rent. Is it good?
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Haven’t seen it but…my son (sophomore @ college and pretty normal 20 yo guy), said it was outstanding. He’s never steered me wrong yet… :iagree:

What have you done exactly?

I don’t want to double post so see my post #9 here:

Did I miss something? Where did billw state used dvd43 3.x??? Did a post get removed thread or something? Back to the flick, and haven’t seen, have read several reviews where flick shallow cinema in comparison to book…but then again, seldom trust commercial reviews! Or was this swag by Fengtao and smalllittle?

The movie was pretty bad. It could have been great but is a holywood view and really does not get into or truly explain the role of the Geisha in Japan.
The picture lacks authenticity and is boring.


DVD43 version 3.x try to support ARccOS, but unfortunately has bugs, so it do supports some old ARccOS discs, but has problems with new ARccOS discs, and the problem is shown as DVD copy software can only copy part of movie.

DVD43 version 3.x has no option to disable, so you must uninstall it to fix the problem.

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it is Sony and all part of its evil empire. Right now I think that any movie from sony studios will not work at present

Hi buzznboomer,

What do you mean? DVDFab has no problem to copy latest Sony movies.

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just catching up with this forum…I am running dvd43
should I get rid of it?

I can not copy Memoirs of Geisha at all!! I have used DVD Fab decrypter, DVD Fab Gold, and DVD Shrink 3.2 and NOTHING WORKS!!! The war between the studios and the public continues!! They make enough money at the box office!! We must not fail!! That being said, what do I do to copy this movie??

I hope we can try this new version of DVDFAB but when I did dable with it shrink was not able to open one of the VOB files. I think my version of Fab was 2.8 something, and I know shrink is always checking for updates.

buzznboomer, I suggest you uninstall DVD43 if you want to use DVDFab Decryper. Also I suggest you update to the latest version to beat new protections.

moviefan, what’s your error message? Do you use the latest version of DVDFab Decrypter? Do you have DVD43 installed?

I installed the new versions of DVD Fab Decrypter and Fab Express and was able to burn the disk using both software products together or using Express only in the Main Movie mode. I had no other software running in the background.

Just a reminder as I have stated before and in the for help sticky. Decrypting programs running in the background are trouble as well as some other background programs. Disable all startup programs that are not needed.