Members List/Calendar

i see that these are disabled for the normal user, can these be taken off the page or are they a part of vBulletin?

or why are they disabled?

I always wondered that myself. Why have them there if you/we cannot use them?

I also wonder :confused:

This is purely a guess, but I’m thinking it’s for performance reasons since such requests might generate a significant load on the servers.

I wondered about the same thing - and came to the same conclusion. With the amount of members we have, it wouldn’t surprise me. :slight_smile:

the sql database would cry trust me :slight_smile: and cpu load would be shocking :slight_smile:

You are correct.

For small forums this is no problem, but for forums our size, this would be killing on our resources…resources we rather save for what you really come for…knowledge

Why have them there? Is it part of the system?

I think it’s part of the vBulletin (forum) software.

It is part of VBulletin software. VBulletin allows this feature to be disabled, which is what we did.

thanks Tax for clearing this up

Could it be setup to be open to all in the Mod CP?

It is disabled for all members…including myself (because the resources would be equally used for mods as for regular members…listing all members would cause a real strain on resources).
Perhaps only through admin panel calendar and/or member list can be shown…don’t know. But you should be able to search for members though.

Thanks for your answer

this could be a handy tip for the admin on another forum i’m on.