Member ViRuS2k Was Banned?

Hello guys.

you dont understand my Account Was Hacked
some dick has hacked my account and pasted Abused all over it.

i have sent a email to your contact email address but im getting no reply :frowning:

the same thing happened on other boards im on

driverheaven and places like that

this guy has got it in for me, i cant login to my account anymore becuse he probably has changed the password and email address to his own
you guys know i wouldnt do this stuff to my account
i have been helping around this board forever lol most of you guys know of my blindwrite tweaks and tips around here. :confused:

can someone contact me or reply please…

if you want my legit email address PM me and i will pm it to you back.

please help me.

i think a good way to prove it’s really you would be to join the chat and talk to Da_Taxman. i’m sure he would help you if it really is you and not the guy that hacked the acount.

slayer, whats the url to join the chat so i can speak to someone higher up there.
it is infact me check the logs… my ISP is pipex and i dont use a proxy, this guy that messed up my account uses a proxy and is on AOL lol

he has already hacked both my accounts on and if you have an irc client connect to IRCNET and join #cdfreaks (dutch) or #cdfreaks-int (english)

As far as I know Da_Taxman will look into this matter soon. Be a little patient please.

thanks :slight_smile:

btw i dont think the guy hacked the account but somehow he aquired my password, becuse he hacked my overclockers and driverheaven accounts
and those had the same passwords…

now that i have changed those 2 accounts he no longer can aquire the password…

nevertheless im waiting paciently here :slight_smile:

ok guys i have my account back can a mod/admin please delete the ViRuS2k5 account please so i can change the email address of my main account…


Will do that later…
Have had some serious trouble with my PC and had to buy a new one instantly…taking some time to reconfigure it.

are you going to delete the virus2k5 account please so i can change the main email address to my main email address please…


Deleted the 2k5 account and set your 2k account to the same email address as used in the 2k5 account.

I am curious as to how someone could acquire your password in the first place.

Perhaps you would be kind enough to share this information with us. You already gave one good tip, do not use the same password on more than one forum. Since a lot of us use the same nym on different forums, once a password is obtained, then a quick Google search reveals any forum that you are registered at with that user name. By trying the same password there you can cause problems on other boards if it works.

It would be most appreciated, as it is a security concern for us and in addition, it is quite a bit of work to straighten out when this occurs as you can imagine. Perhaps with your input, we can help others avoid the same pitfall in the future and save the admins here some trouble.


What firewall do you use?? if you use one that is

im not sure how the password was aquired hehe thats the problem i had, i didnt know who it was or how they got it, i do know this though that the person that did it was useing a proxy and the isp he was useing was AOL lol…

im guessing it was some twat that had no sence… for a start he was with AOL ;p

all i can say though is if any of you guys are useing the same username/pass on diffrent forums then i guess the persion that gets your account can login to your accounts with a google search.

either way im glad im useing some 20 number and numeral password now :slight_smile:

was just useing at the time windows standard x64 os firewall.
im useing zonealarm now but its got to meny options hehe i may use another soon.

I guess if they have so little sense, the only thing worse then than being an AOL user, would be to have your account hacked by one. :wink: Maybe they are not as dumb as you think!