Mem probs in Nero 7 and Vista


Since i started to use Vista and Nero with my Pioneer BK109 the memory problem is a fact. When burning an imagefile the memory drops and the harddrive is going crazy leaving the system almost to an halt and unworkable.

Where shall i start looking for problem?



Do you mean something like this (Buffer & CPU Usage)?

What are your hardware specs (mobo/chipset etc.)?
Vista trial version or retail, 32 or 64-bit?

AMD x64 3800+ with 1 gb mem, MSI K9N Neo mainboard (nforce)
Vista retail x86 Ultimate-version

I think it should be enough to burn a imagefile :slight_smile:
I managed doing so on my AMD x86 1800+ without this problem. :slight_smile:



Well I had this problem with Vista RC2 x86, but yours is the first report I see here about something similar. Since it doesn’t happen in XP or indeed Vista x64, I don’t believe it is a hardware problem with my setup, but more likely an nForce compatibility issue with Vista x86. For your nForce4 you can try with the latest Vista drivers from nVidia (if you haven’t already). I have no idea if this helps, because there’s no drivers for my nForce3 (and I’ve settled for x64 for now).

Hi! - You can check my post here: You don’t happen to use a Samsung hard disk, do you?

I’m having the exact same problem with, using vista 64, when I had 32 installed I don’t remember having this problem. based upon the thread you think it might be hard drive related? or maybe Sata driver related.

One side note.

It does APPEAR to lock up, but if you actually let it go, it will finish successfully, once memory gets to about 98% you can’t do anything except let it finish or reboot (the hard way).

I am going to be building a new machine in the next month or so with these specs in mind:
680i NF mb (probably the evga)
core 2 duo processor (haven’t made up my mind on that but probably e6400
4 gb of ram
2 x 500mb sata 2 drives striped to 1 TB logical volume
etc etc
And not use the SIL sata controller, as they seem to be really really quirky. If I have to use a 3rd party card I will.

I played with virtual memory settings, DVDrom bios updates, nero settings (none of which I could find that would modify memory usage.

I checked event viewer but didn’t find anything of note.

I’m doing this all as an administrator with EAC disabled, in a domain environment (however there is no set group policy that would block anything.), the domain is present just for learning purposes (just got a server admin job, so spending my time at home at night learning…)

Hopefully the new pc will alleviate the problems if its a hardware related problem, if not, hopefully nero will have a pending update…

oops my newly created sig that had specs didn’t populate… grrrrrrrrr
the following specs were involved in the previous post
Shuttle sn85g4 (nf3 amd754 agp system)
3700+ 754 pin A64 cpu
2gb of pc3200 corsairs (1gb x2)
WD2000JD sata 1 200gb drive connected to sil3514 controller
(my guess is the problem is related to the sata controller more then anything as its a beta driver, sil doesn’t have a sataraid whql driver yet for vista)
I think I’m going to try the xp64 bit driver as the xp driver works on 32bit vista, and seems to be more stable then the vista 32 beta driver.

there are no nf3 drivers from nvidia that are current.
the onboard sound driver was gotten from realtek as the windows update provided nf3 audio driver is stripped down and stereo only(and buggy as hell).

oops its sil 3512 not 3514(no such thing).

For me it was the opposite, the problem was with 32-bit Vista, not 64-bit. I was using the nVidia SATA ports on my mobo and don’t have a Silicon Image chip, so can’t say anything about that unfortunately.

How much memory do you have in your system?, also what is the size free sapce you have in your HD?.