Melting DVD players recalled in Japan

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Close to 500,000 DVD players manufactured in China over the last four years have been recalled due to the potential for fire and a subsequent meltdown. These players are sold under the Axion…

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Lesson here, don’t buy pieces of junk made in China!!

Oh well , that includes much of that what is branded by the name SONY then ! But then again , what consumer electronics device (name branded as well) isn’t made in China these days and sold in the chain stores because they are cheap and the mark up can be higher ! With anything called SONY , it is not written anywhere on the outside of the carton , and they use very small print on the item itself , to show country of manufacture ! It’s almost as though they are ashamed of themselves for selling cheap mostly re-branded products at premium prices and for some reason have lost much face ! :+

I miss the days cd/dvd drives were made in Japan I don’t minf paying more, however the corporations #1 priority is profit and china = cheap+high upsale.

Not all chinese made products are crap. It’s the no-name bargain basement type products that have woeful build quality and reliability. Brand name products are really not that much better and still have their fair share of dodgy build quality. Just the other day my mates Sony DVD recorder blew up after only 2 months of use. It was totally stuffed beyond repair.

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@ wheeliebin Can I have some of whatever it is you’re smoking? Seriously, I’d love to comment on what you wrote but it was so damned long that I read only about 12% of it. You sound like a long-winded bore and you smell funny. Go back to whatever country you came from.

Let’s see, China has Bird flu, it poisons its animal food, runs over people with tanks, and makes junk. Yep, China is the BEST, yay!! Posted by wheeliebin (guest) on Thursday 19 July 2007 13:02 And you, next time, spare us your conspiratorial diatribe and bilge. No one is interested in hearing your, “I hate the white man” or “the white man is the cause of all my troubles”, meandering. However, I will say, I did think it was rather amusing, though.

“China…meltdown” :stuck_out_tongue: (insert anti-nuclear political jokes here)
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“China…meltdown” :stuck_out_tongue: (insert anti-nuclear political jokes here)
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Nuke the unborn gay whales. :slight_smile:

well… A lot of Technological Reactions here… This page is loosing credits for serious people… I’m a fan of this page since +7 years and now is the first’ couple times this web site gets boring me :r

Damn, I have an Axion 9" portable DVD player. I hope mine doesn’t melt! But for $100 last christmas it’s worth the risk.

Possibly this is related to fake capacitors known to be in circulation in China? To comment on wheeliebin’s diatribe, China is a pretty slippery place to do business. Nothing racist in saying that… it’s just the plain truth. Clearly, there is a cultural issue at the cause of it; I worked with a company that had it’s plants certified by GM to manufacture motherboards, only to find that the locals changed the soldering process on us, without notification, and caused us to have to scrap (thankfully, only) an engineering run of parts. Was it because they misunderstood the point of certification? Was it fraud? I think a little of both.