Melody Lightscribe 16X DVD+R media

Yesterday I found this media in a small PC store , it was in slim jewel cases in 10 disc packs and I bought one disc because it was MIT and hoped for MCC004 or at least CMC MAG M01 to test :bigsmile:

I’ve tested HP M01 before with excellent results at 8X and horrible results at 12X . The disc was indeed CMC MAG M01 and I decided to burn it @ 12X with Samsung 203B … Same horrible results :a

I will get some other discs to test but I am confused because I do not know whether these discs are genuine or not . They are MIT but the hub code is different from regular CMC (PAP) codes , it is PEP :confused:

Edit : HP 16X M01 LS media also starts with PEP , so I guess they are genuine :wink:

Here are the scans and TRT

Edit 2 : Added another scan to the disc just before the horrible PIFs

OUCH. That’s seriously some bad media…even worse than my M01. :eek: If only there wasn’t that defect…:Z

I will get more discs because I guess they would be fine @8X or lower
I will post back in few hours :slight_smile:

BTW : What brand are your M01 ?

Memorex and Philips. Some are good, others have issues with rising PIE/PIF at the end.

The second letter in the hub code indicates the dye that has been used (A: Azo, W: ReWritable…).

I have had some Memorex CMC MAG M01 with P[B]E[/B]P and some HP M01 with P[B]D[/B]P. Both were ok but not anything great. I don’t know what E and D are supposed to mean, maybe some insiders can tell us more.

I got 2 more discs and as I suspected , they are fine @8X (Although jitter is too high for my taste)

Maybe the “E” letter indicate the media grade with “A” first grade “D” fourth grade and “E” fifth grade :bigsmile:

That looks ok to me. I get better results from Ritek R05 though. Memorex M01 has absolutely been the worst media I have ever tried…ever! Massive defects. M01…never, ever again! I make it a point to always avoid any brand that could potentially be M01.

For me Memorex M01 was ok but not anything spectacular. HP M01 was also ok. Maybe I just had LUCK?

A wild guess: It may be that the different variations of dyes require different burning strategies?

TDK-branded colored M01 discs are absolutely the worst I ever bought. They make very attractive coasters, but are good for nothing else. :disagree:

Maxell’s M01 were the best, followed by Memorex’s printables, then came TDK’s M01, followed by a tie of Philips and Memorex non-printable. That’s just my luck, though. :iagree: