Melody Black Diamond CDRs? Anyone?



Hi there,

What ever happened to the Melody Black Diamond CDRs?
Does anyone know where I can find some anymore?

I had a bunch and used them up and now I can’t find them anywhere.



Don’t know about Melody Black Diamond.
But if you can find any CMC black a-grade media it should be exactly the same.


I’ll try that thanks!


[QUOTE=soundpro69;2129933]I’ll try that thanks![/QUOTE]
Hi, where are you from?
In the Europe you can get for example a color CD-Rs made by MPO:

or Prodisc made unbranded CD-Rs:


I am in Miami, Florida, USA.



If you’re primarily interested in getting CD-Rs with black data-sides, I would recommend Memorex Black CD-Rs as the most convenient way to get them - these are readily available in the U.S. in places like Wal Mart, Target etc as well as frequently online.

They will most likely be made by CMC MAG, but you could get lucky and they be Prodisc.

My favourite black bottom CD-Rs are these:

But I couldn’t find any U.S. based retailers selling them :frowning:


Those white/black CD-Rs look great!

The vinyl look of the Melodies was really cool but, of course, they were almost impossible to label or write on. So these with the white face are a great idea. And they are made by Prodisc.

I will try to get some shipped down here if it’s not outrageously expensive.

Thank you very much!!


PS.: Any smaller labels compatible with Vinyl face CD-Rs that you guys know of?



malaysia got a lot black melody indeed.


So how can I get some? Any suggestions?




Hey I found some E-works that look just like the Melody Black Diamonds. Vinyl imitation on one side and black dye on the other.

I ordered a few and after I did, I saw some bad opinions about them elsewhere. :sad:

Does anyone know if they’re really bad or any good (or maybe very good even?) :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll apreciate any opinions. I haven’t received them yet. They’ll be here Monday.

Here’s the link:

Thank you all.