Melody 6x BDR OOS on Amazon, alternatives?



I went back to get a few more stacks of Melody 6x, and from there being three-four sellers on Amazon for this product, now there are none, and the product is out of stock, with no indication of “When or IF” this will be back in stock :sad:

what a fool I’ve been! I should’ve stockpiled them while there was still time. For the price/performance ratio, these discs did exceedingly well.

Does anyone know of alternatives at this price point ($0.50 for a BDR), with clean burns?


timothevs - What burner(s) do you use?


Ah I have two. LG WH16NS40 and a LiteOn iHBS112.


[QUOTE=timothevs;2751455]Ah I have two. LG WH16NS40 and a LiteOn iHBS112.[/QUOTE]

I have had good luck with the PlexDisc 6x BD-R (MID = OTCBDR002), but I have not yet tried them with current LG or Lite-On burners. They’re currently $22.95 / 50pk at Amazon. Also, you can still get Melody 6x BD-Rs via eBay (link), but they’re $7.59 / 10pk.


very interesting! That does sound right price wise. Though, I looked up the OCTBDR scans, but the ones in this forum don’t look too good. Admittedly they are for a brand called @work.

The Melody ones on eBay are the only ones I could find too. I ended up buying a few Verbatim BDRs from eBay (Not the LTH variety), and they came up to ~ $0.70 a disc. Not too shabby, around $0.20 more than the Melody discs. I am curious to see what they scan as. They look much like these.

Blah I really would like to know what happened to the Melody BDR manufacturers.


Nice info, jadburner!

WTF? What a “bargain” here in europe…


Just posting here for posterity - I did get in touch with the seller from whom I had purchased these discs back in January.

According to them, it seems that the factory manufacturing the Melody BDRs with INFOME-R MID codes went out of business.

:frowning: What a shame, really.


A UK seller seems to have some discs left. Anybody here based in the UK (or Ireland or the continent I guess???) that’s willing to ship them to the US for me? will not ship them outside of Europe, it seems…
I also asked the seller just now if Infomedia is out of business; let’s see what they say…