Melinda Gates: No iPhones/iPods at home

I just posted the article Melinda Gates: No iPhones/iPods at home.

While iPhones may be the envy of school children everywhere, Bill and Melinda Gates’ kids are stuck convincing their peers of the Zune’s coolness.
In an interview with Vogue magazine, Melinda Gates…

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I wouldn’t expect them to have any Linux-based devices like Tivo either.

I wonder about a Blu-ray player? Think they have one? I think not…

But gee dad, the PS3 can play games TOO! :stuck_out_tongue:

You know you’re begging for a flame war that way, Crabby…

Do you think they are permitted to have a shower? Or does the plumbing crash as well

Taking a shot at this is almost irresistible.

No Sony stuff either ? I’m sure Billy uses a Mac and anxiously awaits every new update to OS X so he can blatantly ripoff the interface, yet again. :slight_smile:

"Shouldn’t have married the nerdy guy, then."
Dear Jared Newman, next time maybe U put U’re dark comments off-line or in U’re circle of friends. (I wonder if U have any…) U don’t know what is a newsman behavior? I don’t like Microsoft products, but this is one thing. And an attack to a person’s private life is another thing! And I don’t like so called “human beings” that is attacking each other. In my eyes they becomes animals. Not humans. Get lost!
I appologise from anyone who’s reading my words. Except U, Jared Newman.