Melbourne DVD Source

I’m in Melbourne and found a few places offering promotion for DVD-/+R media.

Any comment on which is better ? in the city selling DVD-/+R

Akimoto 50 pcs DVD-R Aud $17
HP 50 pcs DVD-R Aud $20

Office works -
Imation 100pcs Aud $45

Also if anyone have bought OEM TY brand DVD-R from


Well I have got stuff from

Akimoto from strathfield is crap I heard. All their media is pretty much crap. dunno about the HP though.

The TY is just as cheap at JPL and they have more range. Imation is probably CMC which is not too bad but could be cheaper.

R Some Akimoto from MCC ?

Hum, maybe i would return the dvd 2morrow.

Or get some from MSY ?

HP 8x is almost always CMC E01 (+R) and AE1 (-R), both of which are good, especially from HP. In 16x they are CMC M01 +R (good or bad, it varies) and AM3 -R (generally good), if you buy the 16x discs I would suggest the -R CMC AM3 discs as they are much more consistent than M01. Not familiar with Akimoto, although if it uses a MCC media code you have to be aware that some brands fake MCC media codes. Imation can be a few different things, from CMC to MBI and others. If 8x HP is available, that would be my first suggestion. The 8x +R CMC E01 is very good in particular though AE1 and AM3 is decent as well.

The akimoto are definitely fakes. They are trash. It seems cheap for 50 DVDs but hardly any will be of useable quality.

I would also suggest what scoobiedoobie said , HP CMC 8X is good and -R 16X is also good .
Imation can be either Made In Taiwan (CMC) or Made In India (MBI) .

Don’t buy from Strathfield! They sell the worst CD and DVD media. Check the australian thread in the cdfreaks bargains section.

TY OEM will be good, where ever you buy from (MSY or online stores). Currently Harvey norman have a special on Verbatim 16x dvd+r - $44 for 100 spindle!

Online stores to check out: <-- store based in Richmond. (City software) sell 25 spindles of Verbatim 16x dvd+r for $14 ea, pretty cheap and they have a few stores around the place, 1 in the city.

You could also check out the swapmeet, but it’s especially important there to just go for brand name, or known good discs. Stay clear from any names that you haven’t heard of - you get what you pay for there.