Megs per minute?

Just wanted to know about how many megs per minute the main title of a DVD is. In other words… an 1 hour and 30 min movie should be about ? megs. I’m asking because it seems like I should be able to backup the main title on a DVD5 and not have to use a DVD9($!).
Also, how can I tell if AnyDVD has done it’s job or not. I’ve read that DVD43 has a smiley that will change expressions if backup is ok to go.
I know, noob questions, but I am a noob :rolleyes:

Thanks in advance!

That’s the beauty of DVD… There’s no strict “megs per minute” or “bitrate”, it’s all up to whoever encodes the movie. If you’re looking at backing up just the main title, this is usually possible if the disc has some extras on it as well, you can strip the extras and any audio tracks you don’t want in VobBlanker. Some movies will still be too big, though. The goal (as shown in VobBlanker) is to fit it within 4477MB.

As for AnyDVD, never used it, but I assume it will be clear when it’s done. Software is usually clear about these sorts of things.