Megdvd glich

when bringing in a dvd from my hard drive they saved in vso 1 vso 2 etc. using mpegdvd if the segments brought into the timeline are in the middle of a song performance they glich sometime both audio and visual.I use dvd shrink and nero to copy/rip to hard drive.

I’m a bit confused. Is the glitch only when viewing in the timeline? Is the glitch there if you close your software, and play it back with VLC or PowerDVD. And I’m guessing that you are talking about the Womble MPEGDVD software? If so, and your question isn’t answered here, check at in the video editing forum. There are some folks there that are pretty good with MPEGDVD.

at the timeline and the finished dvd format sometimes theres an obvious glich in the video always a hiccup in the audio yes using the womble product.Is there a ripping software that rips in a continuos
steam so theres no segments.

DVD Decrypter will rip in one large VOB file if you use IFO mode and set the file spliiting to ‘None’ in the preferences.

Also DVD Shrink will do this after the same kind of alteration in the prefs.

thanks for this , all is put right with 'the moderators’in charge