Megaworks 650 or 650D

Between the Megaworks 650 and 650D, which one is the better model and why?

I have a Audigy 2 platinum soundcard and cant decide which on these speakers I should opt for. Any suggestions?

I think there the same except the 650D has a digital din output, so it’ll use 1 cable with the speakers built in DACs. But Id opt for teh regular 650’s since the analog output would use the Audigy2 Dac’s which are much better than the 650D’s. There is no advantage to using digital out, except for its 1 cable as opposed to I belive 4 with a 6.1 setup. But u wont loose out on anything with the analog. The audigy2 will still pass through a DD or DTS signal if u set it to do that via digital output to a coax or optical input of an external decoder. And your Dolby Digital/DTS will also be decided via DVD Playback Software.

But doesn’t the 650D have both digital and analog inputs.

Yah, u may want to wait for the new Gigaworks model. Has tweeters, and wireless remote, teh 5.1 can be upgraded to 7.1 if you want, overkill imo.