Megaupload host will not be deleting data, MPAA assisted the FBI



Megaupload host will not be deleting data, MPAA assisted the FBI.

[newsimage][/newsimage]With the January 19 arrest of Megaupload founder Kim DotCom by the FBI, the file-sharing service company has found itself under fire by the federal government; but it is fighting back stating that there will be no imminent data loss for users.

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Here some obvious holes a semi can drive straight throught…

It is guessed that copyright owners have lost more than $500 million in damages due to Megaupload’s operations
It guess??? What a guess where are the FACTS??? They make claims of loss but provide no FACT or PROOF to backup those guesses?>?? This was already shot down in the courts already…guess they forgotten that case already…

Also note

the Motion Picture Association of America’s (MPAA) was actively involved in the multi-year FBI investigation
Where are the artists there is no mention of them as party to this investigation or any mention of their names and whom represents their interests???

Extradite to US courts what a bunch of Tyrants and hypocrite…
How come we can’t extradite US people for causing wars in other nations to those nations courts to be prosecuted for CRIMES against HUMANITY as well…

This looks like the US will give itself a black eye in worlds courts as well as it’s own courts when this kangaroo courts goes up against international laws and nation laws. If US wants it’s laws in other nation then US better be prepared to accept other nations laws wanting to EXTRADITE US citizens for violations of those nations laws as well.