Megaupload data is safe, for two weeks



Megaupload data is safe, for two weeks.

[newsimage][/newsimage]On Monday it seemed that Megaupload user data could be deleted from servers as soon as February 2. Now it seems that Megaupload's attorney has worked out a deal that will buy a little bit of time before all the data is deleted.

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Why doesnt he just transfer all the data to a Rapidshare account?


i hope they AT LEAST give us 24 hours access…i’m mad cause i had alot of stuff of on MU that i didn’t keep a 2nd backup off (-)smacks head into wall(-)

p.s. if anyone is looking for a similar free host:

imo it’s better than megaupload since peeje gives u DIRECT-download links


Take down of Megaupload was only the beginning of the end of file sharing websites…

Ukraine has shut down another top file sharing website, the move which followed a crackdown by the United States on a similar but much larger website Megaupload earlier this month, was a result of complaints by software companies such as Microsoft and Adobe, police said.

“During a search at the website (owners’) office and data centers, police confiscated numerous computers… including 200 servers containing about 6,000 terabytes of information in total,” the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

“Police have found out that the website was run by a citizen of Latvia.”

The ministry said 16 people who had worked at’s office were being questioned but did not say how many people, if any, had been detained.

Under Ukrainian laws, the website’s owners could face up to five years in prison if found guilty, it said.’s users numbered in the millions, according to police. Most users logged on from within Ukraine.


i think they ought to put all those files on e-bay…just sayin…


Anybody know what kind of threat Wupload is under? Since Filesonic/Fileserve died it is one of the few ‘big’ hosts that remains.

  • Ben


Hmm, got no idea about that one.

I suppose if it’s not into any kind of shady business there should be no problem with it for the time being. But hey, your guess is as good as mine.

I think Megaupload’s owner was into other sorta things like money laundering and others; there’s some story on him round here:

Anyhow, it kinda sucks since some were actually using Megaupload for legitimate files.


wupload works here, and fileserve works again too, for whatever reason.

I think sticking with mediafire is best.


[QUOTE=chef;2622911]wupload works here, and fileserve works again too, for whatever reason.

I think sticking with mediafire is best.[/QUOTE]

Who knows for how long these are gonna work…:confused:

I was pretty sure fileserve was also a goner , as far as I read round here.

Suppose they are all trying to stay ahead of the game somehow.Sucks though. Wonder if there are any other good alternatives to these?


It all depends on where are you from as long as you are not using proxies…


Meh, looks like loads of alternatives to Megaupload are popping out all round the web stupid me just has to look for them. Should be useful, that is if they stay up long enough and don’t bite the dust.

By the way, was browsing round the web earlier today and stumbled upon some talk on a new alternative to Megaupload that’ s supposed to be secure and legit.

I didn’t actually manage to find out much, just that is gonna launch some new technology that’ll be a safer and better alternative to megauplod and filesharing in general.

U guy got any idea what’s this all about? Is it legit or just some bogus talk?


You mean me?

What kind of “security” you refer to or you want?



Nope, I was just wondering what’s up with this whole audials filesharing alternative deal and if anyone else heard anything about this rumor.

That’s pretty much it. Security as in using something that it’s not gonna get dragged into the same mess as Megaupload all over again or idk, something like that.