MegaStor 7-in-1 16X DVD-RW DL USB 2.0 external problems

Hello , everybody i hope someone can help me in this big problem , i bought an MegaStor 7-in-1 16X DVD-RW DL USB 2.0 external . and i got an hp computer with windows xp sp2 but i think it does not recognize my burner because always when i try to backup something nero displays a message that sais scsi comman aborted or error and i cant even burn anything in another computer that is older than my new brand one , it burns perfect but too slow so i dont know why i can burn something , i also have try lot of software but everything fails so i dont know what to do , is it windows xp ? or the usb 2.0 drivers ? please help me on

Does XP recognize it a plug and play when you plug it in? I would go to the MadDog site and update the drivers also. What software are you trying to use to burn your DVD’s?

windows recognize the drive and it install automatically the drivers , but when i try to burn something with nero 6.3.1 it display " scsi command aborted" , i think its my computer cause i did the same thing in another computer running win me and it works fine , my computer its a Hp pavillion t520m running win xp home , and when i plug into my pc , it seems to be ok , but when u try to burn with any software u get alot of error message

Did the computer just recognize the Megastor or did it install the drivers? When I installed my internal MadDog Win XP recognized it but I still had to install the latest drivers. What software are you trying to use to burn your disks? I have been using DVD Shrink and Nero and I have yet to have any problems.

Get the latest version of Nero.

yeah windows xp recognize the burner but when u think that everything is going ok , nero displays the scsi command error everytime , and if u see at hardware settings the mad dog device seems having no problems

Have you checked your device manager to make sure that the burner itself does not have a red “X” in it. If that is ok, as it appears that it is, I would agree with Jake and get the latest version of Nero and use DVD Shrink to encode the movie.

Sounds like a software conflict. Do you have Nero IN CD or Roxio direct CD or other packet writing software running?

Nope, I’ve duplicated this behavior with Nero, Alcohol 120%, Nero CD/DVD speed create data disc, and firmware version 2.f6 through 2.fc
In the USB enclosure Mad Dog provides DVD-R discs will not burn. +R discs are fine and burn all day long in this drive but for some reason, I can duplicate it time and again. Sony, Memorex, Fuji, Imation. Now here is the kicker, if I take the drive out of the housing, and attach it to an IDE cable, it burns -R like a champ. ISO, image vob files, Data discs, whatever. The drive and the USB housing and the software are communicating poorly with -R is my best guess. When I pulled the housing apart it has an ALi chipset, any body else experienced this with an NEC 3500A in a USB 2.0 housing with an ALi chipset?

BTW I never install packetwriting software. Evil stuff that is.

on my megastor usb external I also can’t burn -r from the few i have tried on it

I too have had problems with mine. What I can tell you is that if you look on the front of the unit, it’s ambiguously stating that it’ll READ dvd+ or - r. It is relatively SPECIFIC about WRITING + R. The unit will NOT recognize BLANK DVD-Rs. I joined this forum with the express purpose of helping those like myself in search of answers that the manufacturers of these units (one that came with little / no paperwork) seem to not hide, but subdue.


PS - Mad Dog Multimedia is now completely defunct. Any wonder why?