MegaStor 7-in-1 16X DVD-RW DL USB 2.0 external problems

Hello , everybody i hope someone can help me in this big problem , i bought an MegaStor 7-in-1 16X DVD-RW DL USB 2.0 external . and i got an hp computer with windows xp sp2 but i think it does not recognize my burner because always when i try to backup something nero displays a message that sais scsi comman aborted or error and i cant even burn anything in another computer that is older than my new brand one , it burns perfect but too slow so i dont know why i can burn something , i also have try lot of software but everything fails so i dont know what to do , is it windows xp ? or the usb 2.0 drivers ? please help me on

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I’ve had a Maddog external 2500 for about 6 months. Never could do -R. Did the RMA but same thing. Always used Nero. About a week ago tried on InterVideo DVDCopy2 and it worked???