Mega big success - also plans to offer encrypted mail, calls and chat

Mega big success - also plans to offer encrypted mail, calls and chat.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Mega encrypts files that are uploaded. That should make it hard for movie studios to shut it down, but it can also be abused by others. Click to read more...

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As someone said in response to a different news post, “The more You tighten you grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers”. That pretty much sums up the gigantic mess we call “intellectual property”. No one’s ever come up with a truly effective solution to prevent crime, why should cyber crime be different?

It may be unfortunate, but it’s still true. Even large companies, who often are unafraid to sue small children, sometimes break the same laws they claim to be supporting. A perfect example of this was when Netflix got caught using pirated subtitles. Yet, they’ve probably searched a SpongeBob computer, which they ripped right out of the arms of a crying 9-year-old, only to sue the parents for millions of dollars over supposedly stolen episodes of Dora The Explorer.

And then there was Sony, the shinning top of Mount Corporate Evil. Let’s not get started on them…