Meet my new guy!

Ok …so its not exactly what you were thinking…but i’m a foster parent for the time being…and heres my newest edition to my family :wink: hesssssss soooooooo sweet…His parents are going through a really BAD divorce and right now his living situtation wasn’t so great …so …they brought him to me!!! he is 8 months old and sleeps all night long …but hes the main reason i’m not around much…just a lil post here an there…


What a cute cyber grand son I have!!!

I am [I]so[/I] proud of you for taking in this little guy-eh!!

damn, another one of those times when i wanne be 8 months old eh :frowning:

Oh, he’s so [I]kawaii[/I]!

You should start teaching him how to tell Taiyo Yuden media by smell now, it’s the right time to do this :wink:
Just kidding. Remember, don’t try this at home! :bigsmile:

But you should take him to some media-selling shops, it’s never too early :wink:
Teach him how to tell the CMC from the Prodisc Verbatims :iagree:

You must be a very speacial person to foster a child .
I feel broody just Looking at the cute photo.
Must wait for my 3 boys to give me Grandchildren someday .

Can you keep him?

Tsk, Tsk, you know he should be in the backseat of that car don’t you? :iagree:

there is no back seat in a truck :wink:

i am keeping him :wink: but i know its just for a short period of time then he will go back to one of his parents…where a child should be…but in the mean time…i’m gonna LUVVV on him!

Does he still have that newborn smell? :slight_smile: Cute kid.

AHA!So you ARE an OLD lady driving a chevy with that thang :eek: (not thong!)over your steering wheel…and picking up young boys :eek: …while theire asleep and cant resist…and and.

He seems to be a very nice little fellow ,but on the other hand those tiny monsters are all cute when theire asleep…:bigsmile:

Cutie…almost makes me want to make a baby…wouldn’t go over with the parents at this juncture in my life though :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

That must be one of the new models, even smaller than the previous ones. But talk-time and standby cant be as good as other models with bigger batteries no? Needs charging every day? Bluetooth? Custom audio ringtones are standard eh?
Whats the name of this new model?


@Gene he makes me feel really OLD at times… at least now i know what being a “real” parent involves …no breaks and when your tired thats when they decide they want to play all night :bigsmile: (just like a man huh ?)

@wazzy when the time is right you will make a great dad…just make sure the woman is someone you can live with for the rest of your life because raising a kid in a divorced family every one loses

@Airhead he doesn’t have blue teeth ! geeze hes just got 2…and his name is Brayden :wink:

Hey S_S_!
I’m going through a rought time too! I could use a place to stay and some TLC! I’m already potty trained, and I come with a Harley! :flower:

well Harley…come on i’ve got more room but you can’t bring your bike inside it will make my 2 jealous :wink:

I can build a seperate garage for it if necessary. Just send me mapquest directions, and I’ll head right out. :flower:

oh yeah you need to leave the psycho soon to be ex…behind :wink: and i’ve got a nice heated hawg house for the bike :wink:

The part about leaving the psycho soon to be ex behind, was definately a no brainer…

Oh yeah! You also have to have room for my boat, my ATV, my camp trailer, my 1000lb gun safe, pasture for my horses, and a place for my yellow lab. :doh:


Talk about excess baggage-eh!! :iagree: :iagree: