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Disregard the title, it’s corny I know. My question is, how do you guys know where the discs are manufactured by the codes? Is there a link you guys have in the forums explaining different manu codes for different dvds/cds? For example, I read on a post that ZD9518-DVR-J4F4 recording side code is from CMC Magnetics. I tried searching but couldn’t find because I don’t know what keywords to search for :(.

This is really a question for the media experts who hang out in the Blank Media forum enzo88. I’m going to move your thread into that forum.

There’s no link to a Sticky outlining how to tell the different manufacturers of Verbatim media (for example), but there is a forum thread somewhere that explains how to tell between CMC/Prodisc/MBIL-manufactured Verbies.

Some codes can even tell you the exact plant the discs were produced in. :eek:

A search of the main Blank Media forum might pull the thread up for you. :slight_smile:

Have a look in this thread:

Prodisc vs CMC Verbatim: Differentiating at retail

There’s also Moser Baer and Falcon Technologies manufacturing Verbatim media now, but I don’t think they are listed in the thread above.

^ That’s the one. Nice one Drage :slight_smile:

EDIT: I think there’s a bit in a thread - could be that one, I don’t know - that explains how to tell between the manufacturers by the hub codes. Falcon isn’t in it though 'cos the info was posted before Falcon started manufacturing Verbies. :slight_smile: