Meet John Doe: Sued file sharer tells us his sad story



I just posted the article Meet John Doe: Sued file sharer tells us his sad story.

DamnedIfIknow used our news submit to tell us "The RIAA is not eager to go to trial, according to Lamy. "We would prefer to settle sooner rather than later. . . . We make numerous attempts…

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“How to not get sued by the RIAA.” Step 1 is probably “Don’t live in America.” :slight_smile:


Step 2: don’t use Kazaa :r


Get a fake ip address… peferably the same one as the states governor members… or RIAA workers :d


this guys comments are so casual I think people doing illegal downloading should be made to pay thousands more untill they have nothing left, and then well see how casual the comments are, poor scumbags. I hope i spelt this right for the IQ busters if not tough shite.


Whatever, if there weren’t Joe Six Packs that just buy everything without thinking, the music industry would go to hell. As more people continue to get educated and the music industry continues to fail with a broken business model, their business will slowly die. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of lawyers and jack-asses.:d


There should be a capital “T” at the beginning of your comment; “guys” is plural, it should have been “guy’s” referring to something belonging to the “guy”; there is only one “l” in “until”; I think you meant “we’ll” and not “well”; “I”, when referring to the first person is always a capital, not just at the beginning of a sentence. Finally, the entire phrasing is totally wrong for your last sentence. You seem to be implying that “tough shite” is either a person or entity of some sort. A simple comma between “if not” and “tough shite” would have been more appropriate. I hope this helps for your forthcoming interview as a streetsweeper.
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STREETSWEEPER???..nah too honourable a profession, how about the personal semen receptacle for the RIAA board members…:X


Hi Sheriiff- :slight_smile: I don’t suppose you read the Eiger Sanction? Just curious.


G’day Crabby :B Er yes I did, but your correlation??..:X


can someone please make a virus that simply opens bittorrent or kazaa and starts downloading illegally? This way no one would ever have to claim they did wrong, just claim you had that virus. :B