Meet Airhead's little sisters!



the swedes are a strange kind:




I love the 1972 video effect, perfect contrast and brighness, but with a few lines put there.
What a shitty video.


LOL The best Swedish documentary I ever saw. :wink:

I don’t know if you understand Swedish, but she’s actually asking you ( the gnomes) to give her a real nice Christmas. :iagree:


I dont undersand Swedish. :stuck_out_tongue:


Rubbish everybody understands bork!

That is “Peaches” by the way, check out “Rosa Helikopter”

Not exactly ABBA though… Actually many people felt the urge to murder their family when Rosa Helikopter was at its peak and played nonstop on the radio.


Bork Text Alert.


they used to play rosa helekpter loads over at novastream


it`s called Rosa Helikopter … ore Pink Helicopter translated to english … Funny song … have played it loads of times in the car and it is like flypaper in young girls :smiley: lol


“Rusa Heleekupter” is the best title ever


Bork huh :smiley:


INGEMAR BERGMAN hit the wall!!No wonder we swedes have a high reputation all around…(naaaht)


palle palin :stuck_out_tongue:


oh god i love my BORK in firefox!!!