'medium Removal Prevented'

Hi, guys.

My software has been happily burning CD+G for some years until just now!

The culprit is the new Plextor PX-230A. When I call the STARTSTOP command it is rasing a ‘MEDIUM REMOVAL PREVENTED’ error (SK=5, ASC=53, ASCQ=2).

The sequence I follow is to call PREVENTALLOW with Prevent set to 1 and then call STARTSTOP with immediate, Load and Start.

I suspect this is something to do with MMC5, though I have no idea what. I can’t see anything terribly obvious in the new standard (but then I never ever found anything terribly obvious in these in the first place).

If I change the STARTSTOP to remove the Load bit this command works, but then I get an INVALID COMMAND OP CODE (5, 20, 0) when calling Op code ‘1’. I have no idea why I call this now - or what it means! I seem to recall it being a VERY high level command, but I will need to search out the docs.

So can anyone suggest what I need to do to fix this?

Much appreciated!


Just to confirm that the op code one (rezero volume) is a red herring. I removed the code from the function call and much the same thing happens.

I’ve re-read the standards a number of times and am baffled by why a load start command makes the device believe I am trying to remove the medium…