Medium error / Toshiba SD-R6112

Hello Freaks!
My daugters :kiss: Acer labtop always comes up with a message:" Medium error" when a DVD is inserted (I have tried 3 different DVD brands).
It works fine with CD both r/w.
Yesterday it worked fine. I have cleaned the lens.
Talked with Acer hotline that said the drive has to be replaced.
Can I repair it or is it “down the drain”
The drive is a DVD-R/-RW model SD-R6112 ver 1031.


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firmware 1031? The latest is 1033 - you can download it from me website

What kind of brands did you try and what is the write speed of them?

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A Verbatim DVD can be seen 1 out of 5 times I guess, (and that is new to me).It is recorded on other hardware. The 2 other brands are NN (and we use a lot in the Company). They don´t work at all. One is virgin and the other is recorded on other hardware.
The message “medium error” comes from the Application NTI CD&DVD maker.
The write speed is unknown but the verbatim is a 8X disc.

The new firmware don´t give any change. My drive only works with CD´s (and very seldom it sees a DVD). Is it out of adjustment, or is the laser bad? Shall I bye a new one?

A firmware cannot magically resolve hardware problems.

After an inspection I can see that the double perma magnet in the coils beside the laserlins is loos. It can easily be removed. I will try to fix it again with glue. Just strange that the drive works with CD`s, but that´s maby because of the differens in density of the tracks? Can I adjust the angel of the lens on a drive like this?

I am having a similar problem… the SD-r6112 sees the drive, and I can browse files on any media RW, or single write, watch DVDs, use CDs etc but when I try to use a RW DVD to archive files, I get “Medium error”, and burning software just refuses to recognise when a DVD RW is in the drive, just CD RWs.