Medium Error Message

Every other time I attempt to use DTOX to make my DVD copy, I get an error message “The drive reported an error, sense key = Medium Error
sense code = OxOc OxO8
Write Error - Recovery Failed”

I use Vertbatim 2x DVD-r’s, DVD backup to make my initial Video TS file, and Toast to make the actual DVD; all on a Mac (with built in Superdrive) with plenty of hard-drive space and ram, with no other programs running while creating DVD’s.

If I restart my computer, the DVD is usually written successfully. Is this a common problem, or am I doing something wrong. Thanks for the help.

starksid, I don’t know if this will help but I had similar erratic results until I discovered the room was to warm to keep up with the heat generated by the processor. I’m one of those odd balls who prefers warm weather.

DVD2OneX is very processor intensive. Just load Apples CPU Monitor, found in the Utilities folder of Applications folder, while DVD2OneX is running to see for yourself. The meter shows the processor/s working at full capacity. When I lowered my air-conditioning to 78 degrees and pointed a floor fan at the computer, the problem stopped.