Medium capacity is not enough w/ Deepburner Pro

Hi All,

I just downloaded DeepBurner Pro 1.6 (release: Jun. 20, 05). V1.5 worked great. When I try to burn a DVD I ripped with DVDShrink 3.2, I get the following popup message box:

Medium capacity is not enough (308.18 Mb available, 4.36 Gb required). Please insert more capacious disc."

When clicking “cancel”, DeepBurner Pro crashes.
I’m using Fujifilm DVD+R and Maxell +R disks, error happens with both.

Anyone seen this before?


Look around and see if you can find a mirror site that may still offer DVD Decrypter and get it. Try and Google it. Ya may luck out.

heres a link

P2P works good as well.

Thanks a lot, I’ll try out DVD decryptor!