Medion PC USB 2.0 problem

I recently purchased a Topfield DVB PVR (nice unit) and intended to burn some DVDs of the shows I had recorded. When I plugged it into my Medion computer I found that doesn’t support USB 2.0 even though on the box that it came in it clearly says USB 2.0 X 5. :a

When I checked the the FAQs in the service section of Medion’s Aussie website it became obvious that its a known problem and what’s more they blame the makers of the peripherals. :disagree:

When you visit their Australian website this is bullshit you will read as their ‘solution’ to the problem’.

"Solution: It is possible for incompatibilities to arise under certain circumstances, if external USB 2.0 devices (scanner, printer, etc.) are connected to the Titanium 8000 Medion PC (System 1100.x). These will concern an incompatibility between the SIS chip set used on the motherboard and the Genesys chip used in some USB 2.0 devices. The Genesys chip is mainly responsible for controlling the data transmission via USB 2.0. This task is taken over by the SIS chip on the MD5000 Vers.1.0 motherboard used by us. This incompatibility can be removed by means of suitable drivers on the part of the providers of scanners and printers (Canon, HP, Epson, etc.).

There is the possibility of switching the USB mode used from USB 2.0 to USB 1.1 in the BIOS in the case of our computers, if no updated drivers are available. An error-free use of your device with the set efficiency should be possible through this."

What a cop out! :Z