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I purchased a Medion M3Composer 5200. I am looking to upgrade the computer but I can’t get any information about it or the internal components from either Medion USA or Best Buy. Medion gives you almost zero information with the computer. As an example it has a MSI mobo but it is a special for Medion and I can’t get any information on it. Does any body know if there are any forums on Medion computers that are in English (I don’t remember much of my college German) or where I can get information about the components in the computer?


try downloading a program called ‘everest home edition’ it should give you an insight into the internals of your machine, have you opened it and looked for model numbers etc?


If you understand dutch then you can go to the official Medion forum for Belgium and the Netherlands.


What is it you exactly like like to know?

Even to these computers, there is some pretty basic stuff :slight_smile:


I installed Everest Home Edition and it gave me a significant amount of information. I also have a couple of other information utilities that also provided some help. But there are some areas it can’t help. I will probably have to open it up to check for expansion capabilities, manufacturer of optical drives, etc. I really did not want to void the warranty the first week that I have this computer. But even if I do this I like having service reference manuals for all my equipment (even though I know this is impossible) so everything is not trial and error.

The one major piece of info I need relates to the mobo. The mobo is a MSI and the part number is unique to Medion and I would like to be able to get some info on it. Medion and MSI have not helped.


By the way Medion is trying to break into the USA market and is practically giving this computer away. It is really an excellent product for the price. However, they should give better support if they intend to compete in this market.

My understanding of Dutch is even worse then my understanding of German.


I have an earlier Medion. Go to for information. The only thing I ever had to do to mine was upgrade the power supply, but I was running three hard drives, and extra cooling fan, a capture card, and two dvd burners…


Medion USA won’t help me because I purchased the computer from Best Buy and they entered into a deal with Best Buy that the Best Buy “geek squad” will support all Medion Computers purchased from Best Buy. Unfortunately, even though I am far, far, far, far, far away from being a computer expert I know more then some of those guys. The only thing I would like to do right now is upgrade the PC3200 RAM, upgrade the DVD Burner, and add a floppy and some cooling fans for the hard drive and the FX5300 PCI Express Graphics card. I should be able to do that without Medion’s help but I always feel better if I have some backup in case I screw something up.

I want to thank everybody for their help.


I have a Medion Composer 5100, 3Ghz and the FX5300 card.
I have upgraded the ROM to PC3200, ya can go even better up to 800Mhz,
and I have added a fanless cooler to the 5300, which BTW is really a PCX5300.
running Win XP Pro SP2, ZA Security Suite, GhostSurf, AVG, and a few others.
BTW, added a filter to the outside, side case of the puter were the CPU fan ducting is located, keeps the cpu cleaner.
Have pics


I purchased a Medion PC titanium 8008 XL. On the box is said USB2.0 X 5. I later found in their FAQs that there is a known problem with this computer which meant that USB 2.0 has never been available. When you visit their Australian website this is bullshit you will read as their ‘solution’ to the problem’.
"Solution: It is possible for incompatibilities to arise under certain circumstances, if external USB 2.0 devices (scanner, printer, etc.) are connected to the Titanium 8000 Medion PC (System 1100.x). These will concern an incompatibility between the SIS chip set used on the motherboard and the Genesys chip used in some USB 2.0 devices. The Genesys chip is mainly responsible for controlling the data transmission via USB 2.0. This task is taken over by the SIS chip on the MD5000 Vers.1.0 motherboard used by us. This incompatibility can be removed by means of suitable drivers on the part of the providers of scanners and printers (Canon, HP, Epson, etc.).

There is the possibility of switching the USB mode used from USB 2.0 to USB 1.1 in the BIOS in the case of our computers, if no updated drivers are available. An error-free use of your device with the set efficiency should be possible through this.
What a cop out!


Unofficial ALDI Medion forum in the UK has drivers.


This post is more then a year old, I think he found the drivers by now :bigsmile:


But it’s good that a newbie is using the search function. :wink:

IML, welcome to CD Freaks :smiley:


It’s well known here in Germany that Medion and ALDI and whoever deals with them will run into trouble whenever SERVICE is needed.

Sad but true.




Strange but I and others I know never had a problem. I even managed to get drivers for a very old Medion camera off them. I phoned them explained the situation and gave them the details they asked for, the drivers had been removed from the system given the age of the camera, but they found them and sent them to me at no charge. Maybe it has to do with consumer law?

snowie the poster has added a solution for future use. Now if people have problems and actually use search then they can find a possible solution before posting a help thread. We can only hope.