Medion ao5 burns successfully but disc is blank

pleas can any 1 help
when i use ridisc cd-r i get nero burn successfully but disc not burnt( disc is still empty)
i flashed OEM_Pioneer_DVR-106_UNIVERSAL_Flash_1.0
to same result tried all other firmware
tried different media to same result
is burner fried???

Hi :slight_smile:

  1. What version of NERO are you using?
  2. Did you try another burning software?
  3. Do other CDrs than the Ridiscs burn fine?

First, is Simulation mode really off?

thank you guys i re flashed with the oem universal flash and then with the DVR-105_v1.30 RPC1_2x4all and is burning again phewww burned sucessfully on daatasafe
however not on the ridisc cd-r
using nero 6316 used it forever with no probs
however suddenly started getting power callibrations (pre ridisc )when burning dvd-r (ridata media which has burned successfully at 4x and i have to bur at 2x) i thinking maybe drive wants a good clean
p.s. first time i used ridisc cd-r

thanks guys