Medion 2080 please help mines doomed

i dropted my laptop like a muppet and the who thing died i replaced the hard drive as this was making a very worring rattling sound it was im no expert but i think it was knacked ,no when i start it uo it comes up with the bios and put it to boot up from the disk but it dont do nothing any one have any ideas

Well probably Windows is still on the old hard disk so it can’t boot up from the new one. Do you have backup or restore discs?

yes the hard drive i put in was brand new i have tried to use the opertating disks and the other dive disc but not getting me anywhere

Are they full Windows install discs or restore versions? Can you set the BIOS to boot from the DVD drive with Windows discs in?

the disc are the windows operating systems and the support application disc every time i go to the bios and select the cd-rom to boot it just goes back to square one the comp is reconising the cd drive as it lights up as it were and also reads the dic but nothing happens

Yea the light might come on but it doesn’t mean the CD drive is working, unfortunately.

Do you have access to an external USB CD drive? You could try using that to boot up instead.

sorry ment to say it was an external cd drive it does not have an internal one running out of options here dont look to good does it