Mediocre Burns. Is My Drive Bad?



I have had my 1620 Pro for a weeks now and I am disappointed that I am not able to achieve the burn results that I see frequently posted.

I have read numerous topics and tried many things to improve my burns.

I have verified my DMA settings.

I have checked my burst rate. It is 24MB.

I have defragmented my hard drives.

Still my burns are not as good as others that I see posted.

Is it my drive? Is it the firmware? Is it the media?

Here are scans of two burns I did tonight.

Both are Fuji 8X DVD+R media, from batch 1158. I have also tried media from batch 1133 with similar results.

The first was disc burned at 12X and the second disc at 8X. Both with WOPC enabled.

I don’t understand what is causing the high PIF spikes and the PIE’s are higher than I would like to see with this media. The scans I have seen others post have much lower PIE and PIF with this same media.


A 95 and a 96 Qscore and we get another “my drive is bad” thread… :eek:
Yeah, I’d bin that drive… :stuck_out_tongue:


another victim of this place, hehe…

there is absolutely nothing wrong with those burns…don’t try and keep up with the Joneses around here…you’ll only be disappointed…


Damn true :slight_smile:


But for “YUDEN000 T02” with WOPC disbled the results a reeeeaaally scary. :o
Did you see the total of ~16000 PIE’s and ~600 PIF’s ? :eek:

:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


People visiting this place often don’t take the site name into consideration. Cd FREAKS should give a clue… :slight_smile:
For every spotless burn with less than 50 pifs total and a 99 quality score, there are dozens or even hundreds of good to average quality burns. However, by studying the top scoring burns, over time you will get an idea of what mediacodes and brands to go for, as those will appear more often than others.


The burns are very good indeed, and there is nothing wrong with your drive. Anyway what what speed did you burn the discs at and what was their certified burn speed. Still the burns are very good, remember different batches of discs are better than others and you cant always compare to other peoples burns.


burns look fine. you may want to try diff type. i had some good success with fuji ty’s but my last batch (even tho it was ty) wasn’t to good. i now have the sony ty’s and like them alot better than fuji’s. but it’s hit or miss, try another brand and see what happens.


I use the same batch and get 97/98 QS…+1/2 QS difference is not much of a difference.
Why complain because someone else got 97/98 on an exam and when you got 95/96?


OMG quality score of 96??? RMA it!! seriously tho that’s great