Medieval/real Newbie

Ok, I’m a real newbie to this and I need your help!!!

I want to clone my Medieval war disk (make a safety copy).

I have:

CloneCD 4
Clony XXL
CDwr: LG GCE-8240B
CDread: LG 52X

I know that the proctection with medieval is SD 2.51

I install the profile for (found it on your site) CloneCD 4.

How can I copy this cd???
I need step by step instruction…(told you I was a newbie )

My cdwriter and my cdreader are connected with the same IDE cable.

I have WinXP home ed.

Thanks a lot

And you have read all the sticky threads in our CloneCD forum?

THought it would be pretty clear then.
You might want to check whether your writer is compatible with SD 2.51, that I don’t know…it could be the bottleneck

can you show me a clear ‘‘how to guide’’?

you wont be spoon fed at this site
nor will Tax hold your hand while it is burnt.

Go to the clone CD forum, (where you downloaded the profile) and read through the sticky notes. Check at the clone CD website to see if your burner will do what you need.

I will give you i piece of info, 1 or 2 sheep burners, according to clone CDS website, a 2 sheeper will burn SD2.51 without AWS.
1 sheeper, will need AWS, but its not guarrenteed to work.
No sheep burners, dont bother trying.

good luck and have fun.

Originally posted by Huzzy
nor will Tax hold your hand while it is burnt.

He won’t?

And he appears to be such a nice guy, never complains about the laziness of some users, the lack of information usually provided in a post or just the sheer ignorance of people in general…he is always willing to help, will spend hours a day helping those who are not able to help themselves…

And now you’re telling me that he will not hold his hand when burning a CD? This is quite a shock!

For those who missed it, this was pure sarcasm… :wink:


i havent checked his latest rates so im not quite sure about the hand holding…HOWEVER, an erotic massage can be aquired for minimal fee.

feel free to email tax for his latest pricing :slight_smile:

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