Medical prog. keeps asking for cd

Hi, all!
I have a medical prog., Sounds of EMG, which keeps asking for cd in order to work, even if I chose “full install”. I tried to make a copy to a iso file, which I could subsequently use in a virtual cd drive, but no success. I suspect some form of protection is involved, but have no idea how to bypass it (opened in IsoBuster, there are two tracks visible).
I must emphasize that I own the program, so no piracy is contemplated, I just want to be able to use the program without having to carry the cd with me everywhere I go.
Any idea on how to copy / create an image of the cd?
Thanks in advance,

I would try using Nero Info Tool to read the writing format ISO9660 & the UDF format.

Then use ImgBurn in Read mode to further check the UDF format.
Then try to rip with build mode matching the UDF in the Options tab.
This should give you an .iso file.
There are also some settings in Advanced tab for a Bootable disc but those probably won’t be necessary.
If that doesn’t work I suggest trying the same but with AnyDVD on. It has a free 21 day trial unless you already have the paid for version. ImgBurn will give a warning about AnyDVD but this only affects Verify & usually not that.
If that fails then it may be Securom protected . I’ve never worked with that but have read a bit about it here at club.myce. There are a couple of old guides for removing it. It would take a bit of searching so try the other first.

You might want to look around in this: section of the forum. Sounds like you’ve got some kind of copy protection going on.

Thank you both for answering. I tried all that, no luck. The protection detected is “probably” cd/dvd-check, but I couldn’t get past it. All image-copy attempts (ImgBurn, PowerIso, MagicIso, DaemonTools, IsoBuster, with AnyDvd active) resulted in iso’s which were rejected by the program.

I haven’t ran into this myself but you might see if the problem is SecuRom. I searched & found the guides I had read.