Medical insurance

I had several phone conversations a while ago before noon. A few people working in two government or semi-government agencies.

A guy working for the South Korean medical insurance company which is a state business in South Korea told me one has to pay even if there’s no income. The company recorded about 1.5 billion USD profits this year already. So, I have to pay about 400 USD. Or, they threaten me, they’d take computers. I don’t need that kind of insurance.

Another guy at the Dong office says I have to take a bus to go to the seaport, take a boat, cross the sea, and take another bus to a military something to attend a 4-hour something on Nov. 18, 2004. I told him it must have been completed for my training time this year, but he insisted that it was minus four hours.

A short version is that I want this country to disappear. Nazi Germany was more civilized, elegant, humane, international, flexible…

If you want, you can live in The Netherlands. I have a room available.

Around here we call this type of guys “Flue Kneppere” (Fly Fuckers), they always come around with their tiny dicks, and wants to display their power.

:rolleyes: They sure were if you were an Aryan.

Now that’s what I call hospitality :bow: :bow: :bow:

I was very cynical but I think it still has some truth. There are very few Jews in South Korea. Not even many overseas Chinese.

Kenny, I fully understand your point. But always be carefull when comparing something to Nazi Germany, certainly when Europeans are around, it’s a very touchy subject. (Because many have lost family members during the war, both sides)

Well, for that matter, I have two vacant rooms available for any of you on this forum, but you have to sleep with all those PC cases and LAN cables. (It was too crowded even for me and I occupy very little space.)

I’m looking forward to visiting Amsterdam and Rotterdam sometime but not in a very near future. Send me an Air Wolf first… :bow:

Still wondering whether I have to go back to Seoul or wait till next year. The first bad thing about Seoul to come to my mind back is bad air and bad water. It could have been a lot better if the subway contruction were completed as planned. It was going to open by 2004 but it’s now being delayed to 2006 or later. What’s the point of building a multi-billion airport in an artificial island without inexpensive and fast means of transportation for the mass? And they say they have to take money for medical insurance from those who have nothing but debt and earn zero and won’t go to hospitals. At least, I haven’t for over 10 years except the one time while I was in the ROK Army when the commander sent me to the hospital without asking me anything first. South Korean MD’s are only good at fixing a 20-year-old girl’s face and enlarging penis.

Nazi’s disppeared but NK is still here and it was more recent and more direct to SK people who are also here. NK’s surely not a subject to avoid here.

It was not a comparison. The “Nazi” word was just symbolic. What I meant was about nationality. Whether you are Nazi or not, you are still Europeans.

Replace “Nazi” with Stalin or Nero or Jin Si Hwang Je or whatever you want and it’s the same. Or if you prefer, hell. If you don’t like Christial hell mentioned, Buddhist hell.

I have to ask you an embarassing question, but do to anonymity I feel comfortable here. Can they also reduce the size of let’s just say, an above average size penis? I have been told by physicians here that this is just something I will have to “live with” for the rest of my life. :sad:

Yep, that’s an embarrassing issue. I have no idea. Perhaps it’s possible to cut (!) something. Why are you asking me of all people that? :bigsmile:

But it’s true South Korea has suddenly become a good place for plastic surgery. They don’t even take credit card to hide their income so as not to pay tax. :frowning:

(my english is not the best)

What kind of training?

SK has 0.6 million regular troops, 3-5 million reserve troops, and 3-5 million Minbangwi troops. The regular troops are mostly non-paid soldiers of about 20. There are not many officers as in the Japanese self-defense units and as in the US army. Reserve troops called Yebigun are mostly in their early 20s to 30, sometimes a little over 30. Minbangwi means Civil Defense and are mostly 30s to 40. This is my first year in Minbangwi. It’s supposed to be some kind of military training, but I didn’t have to shoot anything actually. It was more active during my 8-year reserve service. I thought it was finished for me this year already but they told me I have to cross the sea again on Nov. 18 which is tomorrow now. Last time, I had to spend about US$40 to take taxi to home. They can easily let me use a place close to my home at one of the airport buildings, nearly owned by the goverment, but wants me to take a long route, about 2 hours by bus and subway. Being close means still 8km away. :frowning:

Lol, i am unfit :wink:

But i would never go to the military, here in austria you have two possibility, if you are fit: military (8 months) or alternative (community service - 1 year).

Did you have another possibility?

Only if I’m allowed to play with the PC’s, burners, etc!! :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I want to visit South-Korea for al ong time, but I just don’t have the time and money at the moment. When someone has send an Air Wolf to Kenshin, can I be second?

No, I didn’t have any. My wife has only one brother and no sister. Since her father and other family members are powerful and rich, her brother could send someone in his unit who beat him with an M16 to jail, easily. Later the guy weeped and asked her brother to save his life. In normal situtions, the opposite happens. The one who got beaten to death, the victim, goes to jail, not the one who beats. One of her family was a friend of the Pope then, another was a STAR (which means an omnipotent millionaire in a dictator-rule South Korea), another was VP of a major bank, another was a vice mayor of South Korea’s second largest city, another was running a factory, another was running some business in Japan and could donate millions to found something in memory of a Korean who fought against Japanese in late 1590s, another worked closely with Jung Ju-young to build Hyundai ships in their highest times, and more… All these are normal and taken for granted in a corrupted South Korean system where I grew up and the former dictator who killed thousands including babies, pregnant women, students, children looking for their moms on the streets, and 80-year-old people in my hometown when I was 8 years old is still alive, rich and powerful as well, with a lot of political and business connections.

Who would choose to go to a place if there were choices where you are daily beaten with an M16, baseball bats, and this?

I could have avoided though because I weighed only 43kg in 1991 and early 1992 because I was more like a skeleton than a living person, but I didn’t partly because I wanted to look at the reality and observe and compare myself. Those who weighed under 45kg didn’t have to. Those who don’t have generals and Mafia-like godfathers in their families didn’t have to if they are willing to bribe well enough. They used to tell me (and all other boys) that you are not men, not adults before you go to army. So after the army experiences, I could tell them back that you are corrupted in the army and that’s why you corrupted the whole system because you are corrupted inside. Even then, I missed the army a lot of times after May 27, 1995 because it was the easiest and least painful time in my life.