Mediatek 6 vs. Yamaha Audio Mastering



I was thinking of upgrading my old Sony CRX-160 12x to one of the newer Lite-Ons that incorporates the new Mediatek chipset, due to it's reputation of upgradeability. What abilities does the Mediatek 6 offer over Mediatec 5? Although the newer Yamaha drives ( CRW3200, CRW-70) don't offer the ability to regenerate data correctly for the new Safedisc titles, they still offer their "exclusive Audio Master Quality Recording mode" which is quite intriguing for those of us who burn a lot of audio CDs. I was planning on buying a LTR-32125W and upgrade it to a LTR-48125W, but I was wondering if it might be possible for the new Mediatek 6 or any other chipset could possibly support this audio mastering technology now, or in the future?


AudioMaster is a Yamaha technology and will stay as yamaha.

There may be a similar technology from Lite-On but I doubt it.

According to the Yamaha 3200 review there was no audible difference when audio master was used.


i do not think the Audio Master function is there only to make the music sound better…but also to make it more compatible with different kind of readers. You will get less skipping of you burn on higher speeds.


Audi-Master is locked to low speed recording so you can’t record at high speeds.


you are right…8 speed max or so


So what exactly does the newer Mediatek 6 offer over the Mediatek 5 or a Sanyo chipset? Any info would be appreciated.


Probably higher/faster REWRITE speeds for one…