Mediatek 5 vs. 6

Are the new Mediatek 6 burners (LTR-48246, LTR-52246) able to overcome any copy protections that the Mediatek 5 burners (LTR-40125, LTR-48125), or even the older LTR-16102B drives can’t? Or has only the read write & rewrite speeds increased throughout the last 4 generations?

that will tell you about data discs. It looks like it doesn’t do any better than the 5 series on SafeDisc.

The next page focuses on audio discs. The chart down at the bottom shows a big improvement here. The 6 series now copies all versions of Key2Audio and Doc lok. The new drive still can’t copy Cactus Data Shield 100 V3 and it must read CDS200 at low speed.

There has been another new Cactus 200 version, on Deutschland sucht den Superstar

While Grönemeyer can be read at 8x speed with the current firmware, this new disc has been reported to be read at only 3.5x