Mediastar TY media?

Does anyone use this media? If so, is it genuine TY?

I would tentatively guess “yes”, since I haven’t known SVP to ever sell fake stuff.

I just wanted to know, as it was brought to my attention via a submit on the mainpage media section, and don’t want to get Mediastar added to the database if the stuff isn’t genuine.

Cheers for any info :slight_smile:

Edit: I found a thread on this from awhile back, but no conclusive evidence there…

I know CJ2 has some, maybe he could provide some hub codes or something? :slight_smile:

Have you asked Steve at SVP yet, Arachne? Hopefully he will be able to provide a definitive answer.

Good point. I’ll drop him a mail over the weekend. He might also be able to give me a URL for this Mediastar :slight_smile:

Til then though, any info here would still be appreciated. Especially hub codes from CJ2 if he’d be so kind :slight_smile:

Edit: email sent. However, it’s out of office hours on a Friday, so although he’s great at responding to emails, I may not get a reply til business hours on Monday. :slight_smile:

I have the 10 disc colour pack i got them from svp. There real, check my scan in the media test section. The centre is frosted, straight code. I can take a photo of the centre if you want.

Thanks me dear - hmmmm, I think I’ll order some of those myself soon. They’re a very attractive price :iagree:

Pffft, I wasn’t supposed to be thinking of buying media…:bigsmile:

Edit: Just saw your scan - really nice! :clap:

Just had a really nice email back from Steve (bless him, it’s like 7pm!) - definitely genuine TY. :iagree:

Straight code? Cool! That’s retro :slight_smile:
Go and buy up all of them, [B]Arachne[/B]!

Ohhhh. Yes, I will be putting an order in :iagree: - I’ll have to see how many packs my budget will allow me :bigsmile:

CJ2, this is all your fault for submitting it in the first place :bigsmile:

There’s also Mediastar TY CD-R without colours and Verbatim TY Pastel CD-R at SVP in case you haven’t noticed. The Plextor TY CD-R media is no longer listed, however.

I’ll probably put in an order for some of the coloured Mediastars, and the non-coloured…a little variety, you know.

Yeah, I knew the Plextor TYs were no longer listed. It’s those Mediastar ones I’m curious to try :bigsmile:

Thanks for the link without colours. I only thought there were coloured ones. Ah well, more media for me :wink:

Good luck with the discs Arachne and sorry to lead you into spending more money :wink:

The colored are “pleasantly colored” like the pastels. Sharp colors but tasteful. The silver are “boring” silver. If you can use the slim case (like i can) it’s a good buy bc the case is better quality than those i usually buy I like the cases coming with the unbranded better and with a good quality cdr i buy them quite often. I use them for same purpose as pastels. Various presentation types i like to put on good media. I use the cases with TY printables or watershield when it’s going to be really nice :slight_smile:
The code numbers are in the hub like the GG… and such on their DVDR. I cannot read some of the code in the plastic (at least right now) but the colored Mediastar is easy. Isuppose the 80 PG… is about “batch” and the hardly readable in the hub is … some other identifier :wink:
TY Watershield - 80 PG7405
TY White print - 80 PG1200
Verbatim Pastel - 80 PG7374
Mediastar color - 80 PG8308 (JA352A0806780) The 80 PG code shifts with the colors.
Mediastar silver - 80 PG1174


Thanks for the info, CJ2 :flower:

I couldn’t process your submit…well that’s not true, I submitted it, and it just disappeared 'cos Mediastar’s not in the database.

I’ll let you know if/when I can get it added…unfortunately, the company don’t have a URL, so I don’t think it’s possible to add them without one. I’ll check on that. :wink:

Just to let you know the colours you get are pink, green, purple, orange and turquoise.