Medias for PS2 backups; your expierence - your favorites!



what medias are you using for making ps2 backups, and what is your expierence with them?

this thread should be a information/help for all ps2 backup guys, to find the best media for backing up their games.

for me

working well:

Ritek DVD - R 4x (MID: Ritek G04)
Sony DVD - R 2x (MID: SONY)

the ritek ones worked great all the time, not one coaster!

Medias for PS2 coaster production:

Leaddata DVD - R 4x (MID: LEADDATA01)


i’m from italy, i have tried lots of ps2,and are no support wich is “good”.
With the variety of console version (v3.v4…v10) only v9 and v10 have a decent optical reader,but lots of problem with optical group and transistors…
But for my tests,i think Verbatim is the best dvd for data store in months because other cheap dvd lose data after some months or number of read…
2)Lead Data (as you see) is very stable support for ps2 (but i don’t know if data loss after months).

To recycle:1)Princo 2)Quixo 3)That’s Write 4) Lots of others