Mediarange BD-RE: any feedback?




I plan to buy mediarange BD-RE (mainly because it’s cheap).

I would like to have some feedback from users. Price is ok, what about quality ?



Haven’t seen any feedback to them around.
Same for Omega BD-R.

My guess would be they’re either made by Infosmart or B-Grade CMC/Ritek.

Buy a single one and report back :wink:


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I never try CMC but tried Ritek BD-R. It’s okay and plays on my blu-ray player.

Agree with Womi, go get some and report back! :wink:


According to my information they are most likely made by Ritek.


I know for sure that the MediaRange BD-RE have the MID code « PHILIP-W02-000 »
** INFO : Disc = [BD-RE-SL:PHILIP-W02-000]

According to this page of the Blu-Ray Disc Association:
this code is the same as the ones manufactured by Moser Baer India Ltd.

But I have not yet been able to have one sample in my hands and I have [B]no idea of the real manufacturer[/B] or country of origin


Should be MBIL or Philips. (Philips is older stock)


I had a report of something strange happening with these BD-RE MediaRange

The LG GGW-H20L with the former firmware YL03 gives a ‘Write Speed Descriptor’ at 2x when you introduce them:

** INFO : Drive = HL-DT-ST BD-RE GGW-H20L - [FW YL03] - [ATAPI]
. . . .

** INFO : GET PERFORMANCE Write Speed Descriptor(s)
Descriptor #1 = 8992 kBps ( 2.00x) - [CLV/Non-Pure CAV]

But the YL03 firmware refuses to write them !

If you open the firmware with MCSE you find a (single) entry for the MID code « PHILIP-W02-000 »

Now with the new YL05 firmware you can find [B]2 entries[/B] for this MID code
and the burner is now able to write them:

[B]Could an expert explain to me why the YL05 firmware needs 2 entries at the same writing speed ?[/B]

I notice that there are other codes with 2 entries

And what is the use of this other entry at 1x for BD-RE called [B]« NO_ID_ NO_-000 »[/B] ?

The intermediate YL04 firmware had also 2 entries for « PHILIP-W02-000 » and AFAIK could not burn the MediaRange BD-RE


Other facts that I don’t know about :

[B]1°)[/B] If other brands of 2x BD-RE with this same MID could be written by firmware YL03
Accordind to this link :
there are 2 others brands with MID « PHILIP-W02-000 » : Philips and MBIL

[B]2°) [/B]The Plextor PX-B920SA burner sold in Europe is a rebadge of this LG GGW-H20L burner.
It would be interesting to know how the Plextor firmware (last one Nr 1.03) handles these BD-RE from MediaRange and the other brands with the same MID