MediaMax CD3 Copy Protection


I have bought the new DIDO & PINK cd and wanted to rip it to MP3 to listen to it with my MP3 Player, which should be totally legal.

But these new CDs are protected with this new MediaMax CD3 Copy Protection SW which comes with its own player on the CDs. I have read how to prevent this player to start (SHIFT key trick) but I am not able to rip the tracks on the CDs.

I have tried to use FreeRip, CDEX and Audiograbber, but the tracks always appear as DATA TRACKS and I am not able to rip them so. How can I tell these programs to recognize them as AUDIO tracks ?
Is there a howto on this ?

Second question:
How can I disable this SbcpHid driver this MediaMax CD3 copy protection installs ?
I have searched for it under Settings -> Conrol Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager -> View devices by connection & View hidden devices and under Settings -> Control Panel -> Administration -> Services without success.
What is the exact name of this driver thing under WinXP ?

Thanks for you help guys !

This copy protection is annoying, since you cannot make copies for your own and I will stop to buy such CDs in future I think !

I hope this helps.

I believe those are a modified version of Media Max, I guess we’ll see more of them so the shift key alone doesn’t work :frowning:

The CDs show up as DATA even if you hit the “shift” key, this is a Hardware issue like many protections. Some drives will get around this and others won’t…EAC show native TOC may for you.